Thomas Fire


Frequently Asked Questions are answered below the project description 

On December 4, 2017 the Thomas Fire began to devastate Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties .  

As of January 8, 2018 it was still burning. On January 8 also it began to rain, and mudslides and debris flows began in Montecito, cutting it off from both north and south.

As of January 18 more than 30 people have lost their lives, and hundreds more have lost their homes.

Soon after the Thomas Fire took over 750  homes in Ventura County, Scott Griffin,  Ventura MQG  VP,  ( and Kelly Stevens,Ventura MQG founding member and owner of superbuzzy, each began projects to bring comfort and loving warmth to the fire victims.  As the fire spread northwards, these efforts were coordinated to answer the quilty needs of victims in both Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties.

Scott designed a block based on the Perkiomen Valley block, Greg Palmer created the graphics (pattern, instructions and shipping info on our home page), and we published an appeal for help in making blocks for quilts for the fire victims.  We were not prepared for tremendous the outpouring of love and support we have gotten.  Quilt guilds and individuals from all over the country began making blocks, and sending us fabric, tops and finished quilts.

The response is both gratifying and humbling.  We always knew quilters were generous people and here again is proof.  Our sister guild,  Valley MQG, has planned a number of Sew-Ins in January (and sign-ups quickly filled to capacity), a number of local quilt shops have offered to host Sew-Ins, and Ventura MQG is hosting 3 more Sew-Ins and Cutting Parties in January alone.  Our first Cutting Party was held at a member’s home on December 30.  A lovely lady who had just read about the project on Facebook arrived at the Cutting Party in and took home  two quilts for binding! If only everyone in the world were quilters, it would be a much better place…….

Our first batch of quilts was scheduled be given to the  Children’s Auxiliary on January 8 at our postponed Holiday party (no darn old fire will keep us from having a party). Marla Gay wanted to  accept quilts on behalf of the 30 children in the foster cares system who were displaced by the Thomas Fire. She could not get to the meeting because of the rain….

More quilts will be given to victims as soon as we make them. The need seems overwhelming until the generous response of quilters from all over the country gives us renewed energy.

At the January 8 meeting quilters took home nearly 40 kits (tops, backs, binding and batting) to finish the next batch of quilts.  Donations continue to come in to superbuzzy and the wonderful, generous folks at Road to California ( have given us a booth at their upcoming show (January 18-21) so that we may contact more quilters and serve as a Thomas Fire block collection point. We have so many friends helping us.

But we need more. More blocks, more tops, more finished quilts to bring a bit of love and warmth to so many friends and neighbors who are still coping with this devastating fire and it’s aftermath.

A Ventura MQG Sew-In schedule may be found on our Calendar, Thomas Fire block pattern, instructions and shipping info is on our Home page, and keep checking back here for news and photos

and…..                                    THANK YOU

                         Road to California

                  Thomas Fire Quilt Project 

                              Booth 6 H




 Happy Day!

The first batch of quilts delivered to the Children’s Auxiliary 


             Frequently Asked Questions

How many quilts do you plan to make?

Hundreds……Hundreds of people lost their homes, hundreds more lost everything inside from smoke and toxins. We started out thinking we could do it as a modest guild effort. The response has been tremendous, but the need is much greater than we anticipated.

Is there a deadline for sending blocks?

No. We expect to me making quilts well into Spring. There are a lot if families in need from both the fire and resulting mudslides. We’d like to reach out with a little quilty love and comfort to every one that we can.

Do I have to use the Thomas Fire block designed by Ventura MQG?

No. You may use any pattern or fabric you think will make a bit of happy comfort. If you choose not to use the Thomas Fire block, please send completed tops or finished quilts.  No religious or politically themed quilts, please.

What size quilts do you want?

Bed size. 60 x 72 or 72 x 84. Larger than that are expensive to send. Children’s and crib sizes are good also.

How are you finding the people to give them to?

We decided early on that displaced kids come first. Luckily we have already established a relationship with The Children’s Auxiliary. They helped identify homeless kids.

We also want to reach out to our own: quilters who have become victims of the fire and mudslides.

There are a number of local organizations working directly with the displaced people in both Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties. We are working with them to distribute quilts.

If you know of a friend or relative who was effected by the Thomas Fire, please send their name and contact info to the superbuzzy Quilts from the Ashes address listed above. They are keeping a list of requests and the growing thank you list.

Can I take my donation to Road to California? Yes! Road to California has generously donated a booth so we can collect your blocks and tops an save on shipping. Look for booth 6 H and our Ventura Modern Quilt Guild banner.


January 7, Day Two Quiltly Pleasures Sew In

The 40 tops from yesterday, plus 12 more got their backs, binding, and batting cut so they are now ready to quilt.  We have about 100 more Thomas Fire Perkiomen blocks ready to be assembled into tops. Oh! And yet another wonderful quilter brought us three more FINISHED quilts. We a great time.  Thank you Angie and your whole crew.  You made it a wonderful two days.



January 6 Quilty Pleasures Sew In

We assembled 40 tops, collected 2 finished quilts, and completed 143 more Thomas Fire Perkiomen Valley blocks! We will keep going tomorrow 10 am to 5 pm

Zinnia Lewis made ten tops!

Quilty Pleasures was turned into a Perkiomen Valley block factory!

Greg Palmer made his Featherweight fly!

December 30 Cutting Party