Apr 042012

As promised, here is a really short post briefly describing or linking to a more thorough description of the following terms:

  • Quilting Beehere is a great Flickr discussion by Erin- Two More Seconds.  She does a wonderful job of explaining what a virtual quilting bee is. This could be easily translated to a “guild” quilting bee.
  • QuiltAlonghere is the link to the Modern QuiltAlong where participants make any quilt from the book “The Modern Quilt Workshop”.  After you click on the link scroll down to the “About Modern Quilt-Along” and read the explanation.   This could be adapted to any book, pattern or fabric.  Any theme.
  • Block Exchange – A theme is chosen.  Each participant makes one block for each exchange member.  The blocks are “due” by a specific date and given to a coordinator.  The  coordinator sorts the entries so that each participant receives one block from each member.
Apr 042012

Date:   Monday, April 9th
Time:   6pm to 8pm (superbuzzy open at 5pm)
Location :  superbuzzy  (directions)

Please RSVP by leaving a comment.

We might be short on chairs for this meeting. If you can bring your own portable chair it would be greatly appreciated!

superbuzzy will be open at 5pm to give you a chance to browse and pick up any last minute goodies!

Mar 312012

I hope everyone likes the new look of the website. I’d like to thank our own Becky Haycox for the great-looking banner.

Mar 282012

Craftcation March 2012

Like a stylish and clever freight train, the Craftcation Conference roared through Ventura last week, leaving exhausted and generally satisfied creative types in its wake. From Thursday, March 22 through Sunday the 25, crafters took over Ventura City Hall to learn more about business, take sewing and food classes, and to mingle their hand-stitched hearts out.

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Mar 262012

I’ve been getting more excited about the cross-over of sewing and technology lately. (With a physicist for a husband, I guess it might be a desire to find common crafting ground for us.) I was first introduced to the arduino at the very first Maker Faire in San Mateo back in 2006. I didn’t really spend the time to “get it” back then, but since the Faire my exposure to the arduino and it’s applications has grown, and I’m pushing myself to come up with a fun way to incorporate the technology into my sewing. That’s why I was so thrilled to see the winner of the latest Spoonflower Staff Challenge: the Spoonflower World Map.

Spoonflower World Map

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Mar 222012

Check it out:  The new issue of the Ventura County Reporter has two great articles:

Craftcation – featuring quotes from our very own Becky Haycox and Kelly Stevens.

superbuzzy – a wonderful article featuring the awesome superbuzzy and the fantastic Kelly!!

In addition to Craftcation this weekend, don’t forget to stop by Olivas Adobe to view the annual quilt show.

It includes submissions from VMQG members!!

Get all the important Olivas quilt show info here!

Mar 222012

Here’s a link to a great article on Boing Boing about the new fad among young girls: sewing. Here’s two quotes from the article:

“Young women and girls are reclaiming that image,” says Luna’s mom, Mimi Ito. “They’re making things that are quirky and funky and tied to a punk DIY aesthetic.” Mimi thinks there’s a culture shift going on, even though we still have those old images of what crafting means.

“What Luna has taught me through sewing,” Mimi says, “Is there’s this whole dimension of technical and geeked-out practice that’s much more girl-facing and girl-friendly.

Sounds like a new crop of modern quilters in the making to me.