2017/2018 Opportunity Quilt



Tickets now available.  Contact any Ventura MQG member or email us at communications@venturamodernquiltguild.com   Better yet, come to a guild meeting on February 12 or March 12 and and see this gorgeous quilt in person! 

$1 each

6 for $5

Hurry, drawing to be held March 12, 2018 at our general meeting.


Ka-Bloom! will be at Roxanne’s in Carpinteria on Jan. 27, 10-2.

         Come see it in person and get your tickets there!


2017/2018 Opportunity Quilt Ka-Bloom!

Inspiration for our own Ka-Bloom

Don’t forget our Sew-In on Saturday, March 18th, 9am-4pm, at Grace Lutheran Church, 6190 Telephone Rd., Ventura. We will be working on philanthropy quilts and will be having a workshop on making an “Improv Garden Flower” which may be used in our Opportunity Quilt. Come and learn something new, meet others in the Guild, and help the Guild to create the 2018 Opportunity Quilt.



2016-2017 Opportunity Quilt

2016-17 Ventura Modern Quilt Guild Opportunity Quilt
75″ x 90.5″

This quilt grew from a Guild Challenge – create a Modern Sawtooth star, using an assigned print combined with Kona solids, as well as Kona White and Silver as background. Many Ventura MQG members helped to design, build, quilt and finish this amazing piece – suitable for a bed or a wall.

Opportunity Quilt tickets now on sale! Your chance to win this incredible piece of art!

  • $1 for 1 ticket
  • $5 for 6 tickets
  • Drawing to be held at the Ventura Modern Quilt Guild meeting and party on February 13, 2017

Contact the Guild to purchase tickets and for more information.


View the quilt online: See whole photo album here


2014-2015 Opportunity Quilt

Opportunity Quilt - VMQG

Congrats to the 2015 Opportunity Quilt winner Jeanne Snodgrass, who lives in Little Rock, CA. She bought $5 in tickets at Superbuzzy during the Central Coast Shop Tour in May. She and her grandmother (to whom she intends to give the quilt) will be on hand at the Member Meeting in September! The drawing was held at the Ventura MQG’s regular Member Meeting on August 10, 2015.

Suggested donations for opportunity quilt tickets brought in over $1500 to the Ventura Modern Quilt Guild. Thanks to all who bought and sold and talked up the Quilt. Stay tuned for info about our next Opportunity Quilt.

Boxing It Up
2014-15 Ventura Modern Quilt Guild Opportunity Quilt
65″ x 75″

…and it’s a beauty!  Ventura Modern Quilt Guild Members created their responses to a “Rectangle in a Rectangle” block challenge using only cotton solids and Kona white — and the results were so great, our then-VP Scott got inspired to design our first Opportunity Quilt using the blocks. With a lot of help from Ventura MQG members at various Saturday Sew-Ins at superbuzzy, and even more work by Scott, a tip to the left, and voila!  The completed top got passed on to Georganna Hawley for long arm quilting, and after six days, it was ready to bind and finally be presented to the world.

View the quilt online: Click on any image to see detail, or see whole photo album here

Photo credits: G. Palmer