Challenges for 2018

We are temporarily suspending monthly challenges as we respond to the Thomas Fire with an all out effort to make quilt for fire victims in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties.  Please view the block pattern, instructions and shipping information on our Home page if you would like to help us bring comfort and loving warmth to the many victims of this horrible fire.

Challenge for September 2017

Design a SUMMER Block. We encourage you to make two blocks and “Give One and Keep One.” Give one block to Philanthropy that will be used to make our donation quilts.

Challenge for August 2017

Animal, Vegetable or Mineral.  If you drew a card use it for inspiration to creat a block. If you didn’t draw a card. Choose your favorite.

Challenge for March 2017

Color of the year Challenge

Use the Colors of the year; Kona Pink Flamingo or Panatone Greenery to create a 12 1/2″ Block.  Either color or both or each combined with another print or solid.

January 2017

FIVE Challenge

In celebration of the Ventura Modern Quilt Guild’s fifth birthday, create a 12 1/2″ block with something “5” in it; maybe 5 colors, five pieces, five triangles, etc.

December 2016

No challenge for this month due to our holiday party, but you can check out Cary Lyn’s tutorial on dyeing and get some inspiration!

November 2016

Free Motion Challenge

Practice your free motion techniques on a small project to show at the November meeting – a zippered bag, potholder, glasses case, perhaps? Please consider donating your item(s) to our Guild for fundraising. Check out Leah Day’s Freemotion Blog for tutorials, videos, inspiration, techniques!

October 2016

“Quilt University” Challenge

Using one, some or all of the techniques shown to us at September’s meeting, create a quilt square or anything else you’d like!

Didn’t make the meeting? Need a refresher? Here are the tutorials:

September 2016

Improv Quilting Challenge

Becky H: Using solid colors, 100% cotton and an improvisational approach to piecing and quilting, create a piece, wherever improv takes you!

  • Option: Create a placemat or placemats using your work. Size: Approximately 13½” x 17”
  • Philanthropy: Donate your placemat(s) to our Ventura MQG philanthropy effort.
  • Placemat Tutorials: Sew Mama Sew: 15 Favorite Placemat Tutorials

See Becky’s presentation “Improvisational Quilting” here

August 2016

Graph Paper Challenge

From Sarah W: Create a block (or quilt top) using a design laid out on graph paper. Use design from workshop (see below), or inspired by another quilt patters, a specific fabric or shape, a style of quilt.

See Sarah’s presentation and tutorial “Designing Quilts Using Graph Paper” here

July 2016

Line Drawing Exercise

Choose a design from the handouts provided at the meeting and transfer the design to graph paper to create a 12.5″ block, using an 18″ ruler. Or design your own block. Color your design as desired. Cut apart all the pieces and add 1/4 inch to each side for seam allowance. Cut your selected fabrics using the pattern pieces.

Note: Row Robins were revealed at the July 2016 meeting! Find out more

June 2016

Color/Emotion Connection

  1. Select a word from the list:
    Tropical Vital Earthy Rich Regal Moving Energetic Professional Elegant Fresh Trendy Nostalgic Magical Dependable Subdued Refreshing Outdoors Hot Powerful Romantic Classic Sad
  2. Choose three or four colors that exemplify the word you chose. Paint chips were provided at the May meeting. If you weren’t there, use anything you want as a color source – paint chips, paint, crayons, pens!
  3. Design a modern block using your colors to respond to the word.

May 2016

Bias Tape Technique – Make a 12 ½” block using bias tape techniques. Check out Cary Lyn’s bias tape technique presentation here for ideas and techniques!

Samples for inspiration:

April 2016 Member Meeting April 2016 Member Meeting This Waves mini quilt by Craftsy member Ajojo is sewn from navy blue bias tape, which is sewn to a base fabric and cut into squares. The patchwork is rearranged to make an interesting pattern, and then the design is hand-quilted with organic, flowing waves. Terry Aske Art Quilt Studio

[click the image for source and more information]

April 2016

Values of Color – Based on the Skill Builder presentation by Kyle Crowner and Judy Chaffee in March on the aesthetics of Josef Albers, make a 12 ½” block using values of ONE color (color chips distributed at the meeting) or your own selection of one color, from light value to dark value of the same color.  You may donate your block to the guild to be used in donation quilts later in the year.

Row Robin is here! See this post for more info.

March 2016

Modern Sawtooth Star – The Challenge is to make a Modern block based on a Traditional Sawtooth Star. Blocks will be collected and assembled for our next Opportunity Quilt! The block you make should be between 4 and 12 inches on a side, square or rectangle. You may use any quilt shop quality solid fabric, but you must use a recognizable piece of the focus fabric. Download the instruction sheet here, and see more pictures an information on this page.

February 2016

Name Tag Challenge: Create a name tag using sewing and quilting techniques. All new Ventura MQG Members will be asked to make a name tag for their first challenge. There are lots of great examples online to inspire your sewing. There is no size limit or shape constraint, so use your creativity to create something that showcases your style as a modern quilter.

_DSC0911 _DSC0913 _DSC0917 _DSC0919 _DSC0927 _DSC0926 _DSC0928 _DSC0930 _DSC0934 _DSC0939 _DSC0941 _DSC0943 _DSC0944 _DSC0945

January 2016

UFO Challenge: Dig out that unfinished top or unbound quilt and bring it in for the 2016 UFO (UnFinished Object) Challenge. You don’t have to FINISH it by January, just bring it, show it,  and promise (in front of everybody!) to get it done in 2016.  



December 2015

App Challenge App quilt detail App quilt detail

App Quilting! Make a block inspired by your favorite smartphone app or computer program … or the one you wish you had.

November 2015

Recycle-Repurpose-Upcycle Challenge: Think outside the box — or USE that box to make a quilt! Recycle an unconventional material, repurpose textiles, or upcycle an item or material to create a quilt or quilt block in the modern aesthetic.

October 2015

Face your fears! Create a quilt square in the modern aesthetic all about something you’re afraid of. It can be a quilting fear (appliqué? curved piecing?) or (if you are a fearless quilter) it can be a fear in your life (spiders? snakes? heights?).

September 2015

Elements Challenge

Bring your block (any size) inspired by the element that you picked: Earth, Air, Fire or Water. Wouldn’t it be fun to put together an entire quilt built from those Element inspired blocks?

August 2015

This month’s challenge is all about your imagination!  Make a block inspired by architecture. That’s the whole structure or an interesting feature-tile floor, carved door or interesting shaped window perhaps. Let your eye roam and your fabric fly! Those of you who were lucky enough to go to Carolyn Friedlander’s class, you have at least two amazing house blocks, right?

July 2015

Challenge – It’s time for the Ventura County Fair!

Ventura County Fair

Bring to the July Members’ Meeting any or all three of the following:

1. A modern quilted piece that you plan to enter in the Ventura County Fair;

2. A quilt for the “Day at the Fair” Quilt Challenge. See all details on page 20 of the Home Arts Entry Form.

  • All quilts must be cloth, consisting of three
    layers (top, batting and backing) and must be
    hand and/or machine quilted. Only finished
    projects will be accepted.
  • The design of the quilt must be an original
    design. Quilts can be pieced, appliquéd or a
    combination of both and may be embellished.
  • Size must be at least 24” x 24” and no larger
    than 48” x 48” and may be any shape.
  • An identification label must be sewn to the
    bottom back corner of the quilt,
  • You may use any fabric(s) of your choice. The
    choices should reflect the theme – “A Day at
    the Fair”.

3. A quilt square with the theme “A Day at the Fair.” See all details on page 21 of the Home Arts Entry Form.

  1. The quilt block must measure 12 ½” x 12 ½” to be eligible for competition. Blocks that do not square up to 12 ½” will be disqualified.
  2. Blocks must be made from 100% cotton. Any technique or pattern may be used.
  3. Do not pre-quilt or back the block.
  4. Name and address must be attached to back of block.
  5. Quilt blocks will be on display during Fair.
  6. The entries will not be returned. A quilt consisting of these blocks will be displayed and auctioned at next year’s fair. Proceeds donated to the Ventura County Fair Foundation for fairground improvements.

June 2015

Challenge – Neon!

Create a quilt square or other project incorporating neon (fluorescent) solid or patterned fabric.

Neon Challege for June 2015 Neon Challege for June 2015 Neon Challege for June 2015 Neon Challege for June 2015 Neon Challege for June 2015 Neon Challege for June 2015

May 2015

Challenge – Placemats for Meal on Wheels

Create a placemat designed in a modern aesthetic to be donated to Meals on Wheels! Placemats should be big enough to hold a plate, glass and silverware on its surface (eg, 11″x17″). Scott G has a great placemat tutorial on his blog! Bring a placemat (or two, or more!) to the May Show and Tell.

About Meals on Wheels: Provides home-delivered meals and services to people in need. For millions of Americans, Meals on Wheels is literally the difference between remaining in their own homes and needing to relocate to a nursing facility. The nutritious meal, friendly visit and safety check help them cope with three of the biggest threats of aging: hunger, isolation and loss of independence. Research proves that when seniors have the right support, they gain greater quality of life, need fewer hospital stays and live longer.

Modern quilted placemat inspiration (click on image for more information and tutorials):

April 2015

Block Challenge – Recent Quilt Inspiration

QuiltCon, Road to California and Glendale Quilt Show all happened recently. Many of our members attended and have brought back lots of pictures. Have you seen a quilt that sparks your creativity? Let that be the basis for the next challenge.

Challenge for April: Create a quilt square of any size which is inspired by a quilt that you saw at a recent quilt show (Road to California, QuiltCon, Glendale) or another from a recent event.

Here are some photos from recent quilt shows, so you can get inspired!

March 2015

Block Challenge – “Marsala”: Pantone Color of the Year

2015 Pantone Color of the Year - Marsala

PANTONE® — an authority on color and provider of systems and leading technology for the selection and accurate communication of color — has chosen their 2015 color — Marsala. The company describes it: “Much like the fortified wine that gives Marsala its name, this tasteful hue embodies the satisfying richness of a fulfilling meal while its grounding red-brown roots emanate a sophisticated, natural earthiness.”

Challenge for March: Create a 12.5″ x 12.5″ unfinished quilt square which incorporates Marsala, made in the modern aesthetic. If you choose to do so, your quilt square can be donated for an upcoming VMQG philanthropy quilt.

Fabric: If you want to purchase fabric, Regan and Scott have determined that Kona Brick (K001-1042) or Kona Sienna (K001-1332) are the best matches. superbuzzy has ordered bolts of these colors, so you can purchase your Marsala!

Please note: This post was updated to reflect the actual colors that superbuzzy has ordered. superbuzzy is not carrying Kona Garnet. Sorry for the confusion!

2/9/15 Members Meeting 2/9/15 Members Meeting

Left: detail of Scott’s Marsala-inspired quilt. Right: Regan’s Marsala quilt block made with Kona Brick.

Update: Here are photos of Members’ Marsala Challenge Squares! (click for larger)

March 2015 Members Meeting March 2015 Members Meeting March 2015 Members Meeting March 2015 Members Meeting March 2015 Members Meeting March 2015 Members Meeting March 2015 Members Meeting

Round Robin Challenge

The Round Robin quilt challenge has begun, with 14 quilters jumping on board! Here is the permanent order of participants.

  1. Gladys Racette gives to:
  2. Lynne Hofflund, who gives to:
  3. Patrice Lambourne, who gives to:
  4. Tisha Maeda, who gives to:
  5. Karen Koziel, who gives to:
  6. Sarah Wilkinson, who gives to:
  7. Adele Fergusson, who gives to:
  8. Ellen Boudreaux, who gives to:
  9. Scott Griffin, who gives to:
  10. Annie Olson, who gives to:
  11. Barbara Lewis, who gives to:
  12. Georganna Hawley, who gives to:
  13. Kim Halamicek, who gives to:
  14. Judy Chaffee, who gives to #1, Gladys!

Thanks to Gladys for organizing, who says “this is so exciting…I can’t wait to see the awesome quilts that are being made by this dynamic group of creative people!!!”

February 2015

Name Tag Challenge: Create a name tag using sewing and quilting techniques. All new VMQG Members will be asked to make a name tag for their first challenge. There are lots of great examples online to inspire your sewing. There is no size limit or shape constraint, so use your creativity to create something that showcases your style as a modern quilter. See photos of the 2015 name tag challenge (to come)!

Update: Here are photos of Members’ name tags! (click for larger)

_DSC0911 _DSC0913 _DSC0917 _DSC0919 _DSC0927 _DSC0926 _DSC0928 _DSC0930 _DSC0934 _DSC0939 _DSC0941 _DSC0943 _DSC0944 _DSC0945


Round Robin Challenge

We had 13 quilters jump on board for this fun activity! A Round Robin quilt is made by a group of quilters, each quilter adding to the work completed before. The quilter who made the center block then gets the quilt top back to keep and finish — and doesn’t get to see the top until it’s done!

Read the PDF document for full details on the Round Robin Challenge and what to bring for next month’s meeting. Download PDF by clicking this link: RoundRobin_VMQG.

What to bring to February’s meeting: Prepare a non-­transparent box or bag for the project to travel through the rotations­. Include your name and phone/email address inside. Place the center quilt square in the bag or box, along with a journal (if desired), fabrics used in the center block, and any other fabrics you would like used in the quilt — enough fabric is very important! A rough guideline is at least a half yard per round, so 2 yards assorted fabrics is a bare MINIMUM.

Questions? Contact Gladys – info is on the PDF form.

Useful links and books:

Some modern Round Robin quilt inspiration:

Rainbow Rows Quilt
Rainbow Rows Quilt – Little Miss Shabby

 Modern Round Robin Finish: Ocean Quilt
Modern Round Robin Finish: Ocean Quilt

“Orbiting the BBQ”
“Orbiting the BBQ” – ShopMartingale

MIL - Round Robin Quilt finished
Round Robin Quilt on Flickr

Philly MQG Round Robin
Round Robin Challenge – Philly Modern Quilt Guild