Aug 312017

Cheryl Collart, speaking about govt center, Ventura county arts council show last year curated show, which is going to be repeated this year. Juried show that is curated. Submit item by September 29th. Juried by arts council. Reception and awards ceremony. Show goes through Nov 29th. Traditional, modern, art quilts. Must be original fabric choices if using a pattern, needs a sleeve. Smallest about 8-10. Submit with dowel and two eye hooks for larger quilts, smaller ones can be framed or have small dowel. Wants the dowel to fit the width of the quilt. Entry fee is $20 for one quilt. You can choose only one quilt. Art council website for more info. Sales of quilts also possible. Guilds could give their own award for their category type, modern, traditional, art quilt. “Quilts Abound” is the theme. Regarding security, she knows of no previous problems with the show,nothing was missing.