Dec 052016


Date: Tuesday, December 6
Time: 6:30pm
Location: Patrice’s home. Please email for address.
Snack Detail: Sandy H and Annie O are bringing snacks.

  • This is a 2016-2017 Boards joint meeting. There are many details to discuss!
  • All members are welcome to attend any Board meeting, but you MUST email Patrice to RSVP and state your item for the agenda.


Date: Monday, December 12
Time: 6pm
Location: Ventura Masonic Center, 482 E. Santa Clara St., Ventura [map]
Building entry: Punch in the code included in your email to right of entry door

In less than two weeks, the days will start getting longer! But better than that, our December meeting is Monday, December 12 from 6-8pm, with plenty of food, beverages, prizes, and games! Here is some fun in which you can participate:

Fat Quarter Fling! Bring a fat quarter and participate in the fun Christmas game.

Gift exchange! Bring a sewing/quilting-related gift with a value of about $15, either gift-wrapped or in a gift bag so the contents are not obvious.

Bring a sweet or savory dish to share. Here’s the list of sign ups. If you didn’t get to sign up, just pick out one of your family’s favorites to share with the group.

  • Becky H – lasagna
  • Kim H – veggie platter
  • Kathy P – 7-layer dip
  • Judy M – salad
  • Karen M – a savory surprise
  • Chris G – deviled eggs
  • Joyce A – artichoke appetizer
  • Sarah Wn – pasta salad
  • Karen K- caprese skewers
  • Sue N – fruit platter
  • Annie O – orange chicken
  • Lynne H – vegetable salad
  • Kim H – cookies
  • Kathy P – a sweet surprise
  • Judy C – brownies
  • Judy H- cookies
  • Stacey B – Something sweet
  • Barb R – Something sweet
  • Wendy Z – a sweet surprise

Calling all members who joined VMQG in 2016! There is a special surprise in store for you at the December meeting, so make sure you clear your calendar and make tracks for the Masonic Center on Monday evening; is this list complete? Is your name missing? Let Patrice know at president@venturamodernquiltguild.comJane Aiello, Janna Bailey, Carol McMullin, Karen Mitchell, Ali Ostrin, Maria Ring, and Robin Stemples.

Christmas “Show-and- Tell”: Before you send those quilts to their new homes as gifts, please bring them to show the guild! We hope to share some new philanthropy quilts as well. Note: there is no challenge for the December meeting, but you are welcome to be inspired by the tutorials on our website!

BRING IN YOUR TICKETS: We have lots of tickets out for the Opportunity Quilt. Have you sold yours? If so, bring in the stubs and the $$ .. if you don’t think you’re going to sell your tickets, bring them in so we can use them. The list of people who have taken the Opportunity Quilt to display and sell tickets is growing. We have two months to add more places to its itinerary. If you have a club or organization where it could be shown and tickets sold, please let Patrice know immediately:

SO MANY SUCCESSES IN 2016! Guild members were willing to pitch in with little things and big things throughout the year.

  • Our Philanthropy group worked overtime to create, complete, and send off a beautiful quilt to the Orlando MQG in memory of the Pulse Nightclub victims. Dog beds, cat beds, pillowcases, lap quilts! Sue N and Sandy H have completed two more lap quilts, and Adele F and Barb L have taken those “ugly fabric” blocks and made a stunning large quilt out of them.
  • Many members participated in the Camarillo Quilters Show in April, others lent quilts to the display at the Government Center in Ventura during May and June, and others shared their quilts in the display at the Simi Valley Show in September.

Just look what’s in store for 2017!

Our new Board will be installed, joining Annie O, who is starting year two with her Secretary Board position.

January – “Welcome to 2017 and Bring a Friend.” Bring a friend and you and your guest will receive an extra raffle ticket — in addition to the ones you purchase, of course!

February – Ventura MQG’s Fifth Anniversary Party. You can bring a friend to this party too; the same friend as in January, or another friend because the January friend was so excited that she/he joined and is bringing another friend too.

March – Guest speaker Irelle Beattie will present a trunk show of her lovely quilts that have travelled to shows across the country – Pacific International, QuiltCon, Houston, and Road to California. You may have seen some of her quilts at the Coastal Quilters Show in Santa Barbara in September. Just to whet your appetite!