Mar 082016

Redesigning Traditions

Coming Soon to the Ontario Museum of History & Art!

MODERN QUILTS: Redesigning Traditions
December 1, 2016 through January 22, 2017
Guest Curator: Georganna Hawley
Ontario Museum of History & Art
225 South Euclid Avenue, Ontario, California 91762
December 1, 2016 through January 22, 2017
Theme: Exploring the Modern Quilt movement and its dynamic relationship with classic Traditional Quilt design.

The Modern quilt movement is nearly a decade old and its proponents are a fast growing segment of the quilting population*. Modern quilting began as an online community in the early 2000’s and quickly grew to an international movement of like-minded sewists who make quilts that are primarily functional (as opposed to quilts made primarily as “art”) and inspired by modern design: the use of bold colors and prints, high contrast and graphic areas of solid color, improvisational piecing, minimalism, expansive use of negative space, and alternate grid work.

Most of these characteristics are not found in “Traditional” quilt design, the formal, pattern-based repetitive blocks of printed fabric set in rows, with an emphasis on construction precision, practiced by most quilters in the 20th century.
This tension between classic Traditional and Modern quilt design has lessened in recent years as Modern quilters consider traditional patterns in fresh and exciting new ways. This “Modern Traditionalism”, the redesign of classic quilt designs, is what we will explore in an exhibit of 40 + juried quilts from US and International quilters.

For more information on how to submit your quilt for consideration, contact Guest Curator Georganna Hawley at

The deadline for entires is 3 PM PST June 15, 2016.

*According to a 2014 Quilting in AmericaTM survey, there were 16 million active quilters in the US, 35% which enjoyed making quilts with Modern aesthetics

Ontario Museum and City of Ontario