Jan 122016

From Kyle C and Georganna H. Part of the January 2016 Challenge.

Download PDF instruction sheet here.

The Challenge is to make a Modern block based on a Traditional Sawtooth Star.

The block you make should be between 4 and 12 inches on a side, square or rectangle. You may use any quilt shop quality solid fabric, but you must use a recognizable piece of the focus fabric.

Negative space is to be either Kona “White” or “Silver” or both. superbuzzy has plenty of each.

Everyone who wants to participate will be given a Fat Eighth of Focus Fabric. That’s 9 inches, WOF.

As with all blocks, leave a 1/4” seam allowance around the entire block.

Need more inspiration?

  • Go to Modern Quilts Unlimited: modernquilts.mqumag.com/category/blog. Each month there is a new Challenge Block to redesign, and lots of photos of how different quilters make an old block new again.
  • Check out 42quilts.com
  • Or try Googling “redesigning traditional quilt blocks” or

Pick up your Focus Fabric Fat Eighth and have fun! Blocks due February and March.

As with all quilt  blocks, leave a 1/4″ around the edge for assembly seam allowances

Color choices:
1.color choices

Fabric audition:

2.fabric audition

Drawing the plan:

3.drawing the plan

Layout ready to sew:

4.Iayout ready to sew

Modern sawtooth example:
Modern Sawtooth - example

Modern sawtooth example:

Modern Sawtooth - example

Another example:

January General Meeting

One more:

January General Meeting