Mar 252015

Who would have thought Ventura Modern Quilt Guild members would take first and second place in the Modern category at the Glendale Quilt Guild Quilt Show? Not me, that’s for certain!

I have never thought highly of competition in quilt making, thinking it should be more about sharing our work and getting inspired by others. Scott Griffin talked Gladys Racette and I into entering the Glendale Quilt Guild 2015 Show at the very last minute. We were both a bit ambiguous about entering a judged show.  Me especially, as I’d entered “Triangles” in another show and was not even juried in.

Beetlemania by Gladys Rachette Beetlemania ribbons and description

Anyone who sees Glady’s “Beetlemania” quilt (above) knows it is an extraordinary piece of work and a nod from the judge was inevitable.  She recently added beading and there were many comments on the fact that she quilted in the binding (something the judge noted too).  Her ribbon was well deserved.

I entered early and walked through the show admiring this year’s entries (there were some GREAT quilts this year). I just could not find mine and was anxious to see how it looked hung with a black backdrop.  And there it was,  with…oh my!  A blue ribbon! Whoo-hoo! So much for not wanting to be competitive… Yay! I knew “Triangles” (below) was a “good” quilt, but the I had a remarkable feeling of vindication by having a real judge say so.

Georganna Hawley and  Georganna's ribbon for

I’m still not sure how one can compare quilts with very different techniques, styles and impacts  within a category like “Modern.”  There were actually twelve quilts at this show in the “Modern” category and they were all darn good examples of what we love to create.

Lessons learned? Don’t be afraid to enter your quilt into a show, even a juried show.  It may not be accepted into this show, and then win a ribbon in the next!  Many shows provide the option to have your quilt not judged (or for “comments only”), and you may feel more comfortable doing that. Seeing your quilt beautifully hung beside other wonderful creations, showing the world what amazing things we do, is a truly satisfying experience.