Nov 012013

These are your candidates for the Ventura Modern Quilt Guild‘s 2014 executive board. Voting will take place during our November 11th, 2013 meeting.

1. Andres Rosales – President

 2. Scott Griffin – Vice-President

 3. Stacey Riddle – Communications Administrator

 5. Maureen Timmons – Treasurer

 6. Sarah Wilkinson – Secretary

Here are your candidate statements:

Andres Rosales:

Hello, I’m Andres and I’ve served as your Communications Administrator for two years. In that time I’ve helped in most aspects of running the VMQG. I’m very excited to see the VMQG grow next year and to work with the new board.

Stacey Riddle:

I have been sewing since my teens and only recently started quilting. Once I saw the Modern Quilt Guild I was hooked! I soon afterwards discovered the brand new Ventura Chapter and I tentatively began attending my first Quilt Guild. I am amazed by all the talented artists I have met and continue to be inspired with every meeting. On the Communications side of things, I am currently employed (and have been for the last 20+ years) as a systems administrator. I am currently working for a cloud service provider, providing back-end network support. I do love working with all things technical and I do hope I may continue to be of service as our Guild’s Communications Administrator.

Maureen Timmons:

I have been quilting since, yikes, the 70′s! I discovered the LA Modern Quilt Guild in 2010 and have been obsessed with the modern aesthetic ever since. I love quilts and fabric! Yes, I realize that having a humongous stash of fabric hardly qualifies me to be treasurer, but, hey, it is an example of my passion for the craft! As your outgoing president, I understand the need for detailed and accurate records. I have past experience being a treasurer for another guild. I am familiar with accounting software, financial statements and tax reporting. I take extremely seriously the job of being the steward of your guild funds. I would greatly appreciate your vote for treasurer.

Sarah Wilkinson:

I have been quilting since 1998 and come from a long line of quilters. I love being a member of VMQG and I have never missed a meeting since the guild was founded. I work in the estimating department of a construction firm, and though my job deals more with numbers, I have good computer skills and can take complete notes. Also, I know I can do the job because I was previously the secretary for the Heritage Valley Quilters Guild, many years ago.