Aug 092013

Date:   Monday, August 12th
Time:   6pm to 8pm (superbuzzy open at 5pm)
Location :  superbuzzy  (directions)

In addition to our other fun activities Georganna Hawley will be our guest speaker. The topic of her presentation is Preparing Your Quilt for Long Arm Quilting.

Don’t forget your block for our August challenge which was to make a pixel art block in the modern quilting aesthetic.  If you have any questions see this post.

We want to give a big “Thank You!” to our hospitality committee for arranging snacks for our August meeting.

Vice-President Rob will be holding a raffle during the August meeting. Tickets are two ($2.00) dollars each or 3 for five ($5.00) dollars.

Please RSVP by leaving a comment. We might be short on chairs for this meeting. If you can bring your own portable chair it would be greatly appreciated!

Please do not take food or beverages outside of our actual meeting room into any area of superbuzzy which contains fabric!!

Dues are $50 per year. Your first regular meeting is free. If you want to come back but aren’t ready to join, a nominal fee of $5 will be charged. Then, you have to join. If you join between January and June then your dues will be due again in January. If you join between July and December, your dues will be due again in July.