Dec 032012

These are your candidates for the Ventura Modern Quilt Guild‘s 2013 executive board. Voting will take place during our December 10th, 2012 meeting.

1. Maureen Timmons – President

 2. Robert Morin – Vice-President

 3. Becky Haycox – Communications Administrator

 4. Andres Rosales – Communications Administrator

 5. Susan Leech – Treasurer

 6. Misty Revell – Secretary

Please click on continue reading to read statements/bios from our nominees:

Here are the statements for the two nominees for the position of Communications Administrator:

Becky Haycox:

I’ve been a life-long crafter, and have been quilting since 2000. I have been involved in technology, computers, and the web since the 1990s. I have held a marketing/web/computer support position in Ventura since 2005, and have many contacts in the area. I am familiar with all aspects of communications, particularly electronically. I am passionate and devoted to the improvement and growth of the VMQG in our community and beyond.

 Andres Rosales:

As you all know I’ve only been sewing since February and I didn’t own a sewing machine until April. Since then I’ve finished my first quilt and had it exhibited at the Santa Paula Oil Museum. I feel like both my interest in quilting and this guild have grown hand-in-hand.  I’ve been interested in computers since my late teens. For the last 9+ years I’ve been employed as a network administrator for a local tax firm.  My job requires me to provide technical support for both my co-workers and clients. Having self-initiative is an important aspect of my work and in my role as Communications Administrator for the VMQG. Although I follow the directives and orders of the board I do not hesitate to make improvements when I see the need. In the last eleven months I’ve created the VMQG website, I’ve helped my fellow members with technical support questions, set up the email that the board uses, administered our Flickr account, communicated with members of The Modern Quilt Guild, and set up the mail campaign the VMQG uses both to remind members of important dates and welcome new attendees. I’ve spent a considerable amount of my time to improve our quilt guild. What I’d love is another year to polish projects I’ve already started, start new projects I’ve been planning, and to get to work with our semi-new board.

Maureen Timmons:

I have been quilting since, yikes, the 70’s! I discovered the LA Modern Quilt Guild in 2010 and have been obsessed with the modern aesthetic ever since. I love quilts and fabric! Yes, I realize that having a humongous stash of fabric hardly qualifies me to be president, but, hey, it is an example of my passion for the craft! Being your president in 2012 has been such an enriching experience. I loved meeting all of you and enjoy seeing you every month at our meetings! I am also passionate about learning and sharing what I learn. I would graciously appreciate the opportunity to see our guild through another year as its president. Yes, I realize that I’m the only person running for the position, but still!!