Jun 112012
Our July Challenge was envisioned by the super talented Karen Anderson Abraham. All members who attended the June 11th meeting received a bag containing strips of fabric donated by Kelly Stevens of superbuzzy. (Thanks Kelly!) The fabrics provided were Kona solids in Quilt Con Block Challenge colors. Your challenge is to create a small cluster of color with a white border** and sashing. Karen suggested that the blocks be 12.5 inches square.
If you click on the photo below, you can easily see how she has designed  4 separate blocks. Notice how she pieced the colored shapes with the white to form a rectangle that is easily framed with the strips of white to make a block that is 12.5 inches square. A big THANK YOU to Karen for allowing us the use of her photos in this post!!

Improv – Limited Palette (Passing Showers Quilt)

**  You provide your own white fabric.  If this block will be your “Quilt Con Block Challenge” entry, then you must use “Kona White”(Kelly has in stock!) and if you decide to add a print to your fabric selection like Karen did, then you should probably review the Quilt Con instructions here.  Elizabeth Hartman did  a great post about color here. You only need to make ONE block with the fabrics provided plus white added. Feel free to make more if you want though! As requested, below are separate photos of each block.

IWLP (Passing Showers Quilt)- Upper Left Block

IWLP (Passing Showers) – Upper Right Block

IWLP (Passing Showers) – Lower Left Block

IWLP – (Passing Showers) Lower Right Block

Below is a photo of Karen’s finished quilt top.

Improv with a Limited Palette (Passing Showers) quilt top

Pretty awesome, isn’t it?! If you have any questions, please leave them in the “reply” section below. We will be so excited to see your finished blocks!

Update @ 6-22-12 :  Karen finished her  quilt and named it “Passing Showers”.  Check out her post here.  She talks about the quilt and her post has great additional photos.

Also – we found a tutorial for improv blocks over at Elizabeth Hartman’s blog, Oh, Fransson! here.  Please be aware that the tutorials (there are two) use a one inch strip of white fabric between the colored fabrics for the sashing.  Karen has not done that.  She has used various widths of white fabric as sashing between the colored fabrics.