May 072012

Date:   Monday, May 14th
Time:   6pm to 8pm (superbuzzy open at 5pm)
Location :  superbuzzy  (directions)

Please RSVP by leaving a comment.

We might be short on chairs for this meeting. If you can bring your own portable chair it would be greatly appreciated!

superbuzzy will be open at 5pm to give you a chance to browse and pick up any last minute goodies!

Reminder about our fat quarter exchange:

In May, instead of a block challenge, we will be having a fat quarter exchange. To participate in the exchange (which is connected to our June block challenge) all you need to do is to bring a fat quarter of any quilt shop quality fabric. It should be something that you, yourself would love to receive.

We are finally getting off our duffs and posting the meeting minutes!