Mar 202012

There are so many fantastically creative people out there designing and making modern quilts these days! It’s exciting to be a part of this movement, with all the energy and creativity swirling about… I’ve been a fan of Julie Herman’s work for some time, and recently (selfishly!) started carrying her quilt patterns at superbuzzy.

Come What May   Hugs & Kisses   Fast Forward

Then, I discovered that she has a new book to be released sometime this summer! So I thought I’d introduce her to those of you who might not be familiar with her work.

Julie was the founder of the Philadelphia Modern Quilt Guild, and then she moved out west to the San Diego area. The Philadelphia Modern Quilt Guild posted a feature article about Julie and her inspirations. Julie has stitched up an incredible number of stunning quilts.


I’d love to hear what everyone thinks! Do you find Julie’s work inspiring? Do her patterns make you want to get to your sewing machine and sew, sew, sew? What designers do you find exciting?